Course Open

Judy Hutton, the Head of Corporate Business at Game of Thrones in Banbridge  had extended an invitation to the IGCMA members to come and view this latest Tourist attraction in Ireland. Located just outside Banbridge, only a few of us availed of the invite, unfortunately. You all missed a tremendous experience and for hardened fans of the show, like Pat Barrett, Alan Dunning and Mark Lynch, it was a mind blowing experience. You can view all the sets, costumes, weaponry, insert yourself into scenes, when you have your picture taken at the beginning and generally enjoy the magic of special effects as you go through the studio.

President  John McCormack on the Throne with his faithful acolytes around him! Alan Dunning, Michael Walsh, Jim Cullen, Judy Hutton with Pat Barrett and Mark Lynch at the front


Judy was the perfect host, naturally enough, treating us to a light lunch half ways through and generally keeping an eye on us lest we be transported into another dimension by accident. We sampled some excellent food and the Studio shop at the end has something for everyone.

If you’re on your way to Belfast, schedule a stop here. It really is worthwhile. They have a Courtesy Bus service which runs from the Banbridge Outlet Centre, so you can shop there when finished. A picture tells a thousand stories so here’s a few. 

Not sure who the guy is on the far left, but probably a member coming back to haunt us!


 We’ll all rot in Hell- The fate of all Club Managers!



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